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Fine-tuning API

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Stable Diffusion training config

  "batch_size" : 4, 
  "learning_rate" : 1e-6, 
  "learning_rate_schedule" : cosine,
  "warmup_percentage" : 10, 
  "requires_grad" : ["unet", "vae"]
Programmatically fine-tune models
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from import FinetuningRun, LocalPath, DreamboothConfig
input_data = LocalPath('./home/my-dog')
config = DreamboothConfig( instance_prompt='photo of sks charlie', input_dataset=input_data, num_train_epochs=10
my_run = finetune.create("model_name", config)
🔮 Fine-tune run is in progess...$ my_run.stream_logs()
Uploading data100%21.0M/492M
Progress69%1250/1300 steps
Deployment API

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Model 3Deploy
Model 2Deploy
Avatar generator
API calls142/s
Idle shutdown30m
import baseten import StableDiffusionPipeline

# Invoke your model
model = StableDiffusionPipeline(model_id="rwnod2q")
image url = model("a photo of sks dog playing in the snow")"dog-snow.png")
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Serverless functions

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I fine-tuned FLAN-T5. Can it cook?

I used Blueprint to train FLAN-T5 to generate a recipe for any dish I could dream up.

Build an avatar generator

In less than 200 lines of code you'll build a simple version of an avatar generation app like Lensa using Blueprint.

Fine-tuning with Dreambooth in Figma

See how to build a FigJam plugin to fine-tune and invoke Stable Diffusion with Dreambooth directly from Figma.

Built on Truss and Baseten

Blueprint is built on Truss' open-source standard for packaging models and on Baseten's scalable model serving infrastructure, trusted by companies including Patreon, Pipe, Motive, and Laurel.


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